What is the Difference Between NUCCA and General Spinal Manipulation?

NUCCA spinal care focuses on providing a patient with fast relief, maximum recovery, and long lasting results, with as much precision as possible. Because of this precision NUCCA doctors do not have to rely on any of the popping, cracking, or twisting of the spine traditionally involved with spinal manipulation.

You can think of it like this:

What if you asked me for directions to my house and I said, “Go down to the corner, turn right, then go a little while and turn left. Go ahead some more and my house should be on the right.”

holeinoneWhat are the chances that you are going to make it to my house? Not very good.

What if instead I said, “Go out and get in my car. I have a GPS already set to direct you from my office to my house.”

Now what are the chances of getting to my house? Much higher.

The difference between each set of directions illustrates the difference between the NUCCA approach and general spinal manipulation. The goal of NUCCA, like a car GPS, is to rely on pinpoint accuracy to get you to your destination. General manipulation is okay with getting you into the neighborhood.

For many patients that means the precise approach may provide more predictable results in the correction of the spine. So even if you have tried general spinal manipulation, you may still benefit from the precise and gentle approach of NUCCA.

Because when the head is on straight, everything changes.

Provided by Dr. Bill Davis in Vista, California.

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