What A Difference A Day Makes!

It’s amazing!  In just 24 hours, another $4,785 have been donated to the Small Steps campaign by NUCCA patients throughout the USA and Canada.  And the number of participating clinics have doubled in one day as well!  NUCCA is rapidly accumulating funds in order to access a matching funds gift generously awarded by the Tao Foundation for $100,000. 

NUCCA offices are asking patients to donate $1.00 to research when they step up to pay for their corrections.  The campaign is just getting started and we’re close to $17,000 in donations.  If you haven’t signed on yet, please join us now!  Everything you need to get started is posted on the NUCCA website at www.nucca.org/downloads.php.

Let’s go!!!!!!!!  It’s easy to say YES to $1.00!

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