UCRF Earns Huge Funding Support!

NUCCA/UCRF research now stands where we have wanted it to be for a very long time.  We received record funding for the majority our 2010 projects which include the Supine Leg Check Study, X-ray Reliability, and the Calgary-based Phase Contrast Study.

 As a result of our successful fundraising efforts to meet the terms of the Tao Matching Funds pledge of $100,000, NUCCA/UCRF was awarded much more than expected with funding for half of the three previously mentioned studies. Also, specifically for the Phase Contrast study, we received an additional $40,000 gift from Canada’s Hecht Foundation, $25,000 from Trans Canada Pipeline, and another $15,000 from Mr. Hal Kvisle, a Canadian NUCCA patient. This means that the Phase Contrast study is now fully funded! 

The Leg Check pilot study is fully funded as well with the gift from the Tao Foundation and money raised from our Small Steps and Practice Innovation campaigns.  We still need to raise funds to support the remaining portion of the two-part X-ray Reliability study and Practice Based Research project, but we now have enough to begin our work in accomplishing a major portion of our research goals for 2010.

We extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you for participating in our fundraising efforts.  A special thanks to Dr. Scholten for his work and profound success with the Tao Foundation, and to Dr. Hasick, who has gone beyond the call and raised more in Small Steps funds than any of our clinics, and also approached the new Canadian foundation donors. We are very appreciative of these commitments, and to those who joined or renewed memberships to the Gregory Circle to help cover the administrative fees of research. This has been truly a year of hard work and triumph.

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