Submissions for 2009 Stimulus Act

In April, upon announcement of potential funds available through the Stimulus Act of 2009, Dr. Dale Johnson and Dr. Chuck Woodfield strategized to attract these resources for Life College of Chiropractic West. The initiative involves conducting rigorous investigation of upper cervical chiropractic validating the basic tenets in discovering a physiologic mechanism.  The practicing clinician can then utilize information obtained from basic clinical science research with supportive evidence based outcomes.  Establishing an Upper Cervical Standard allows for comparative effectiveness investigation of current methods addressing the various health challenges in the US today.

 Three grant submissions are to:

1. Obtain funding for a data center linked intimately with an electronic health record,

2. Develop infrastructure conducting Upper Cervical Chiropractic clinical translational research,

3. Build out available empty shell space facilities at LCCW to conduct research.

The final proposal, due July 17, 2009, is now under development, requesting 10 million dollars to establish an Upper Cervical Research Institute, a home specifically for Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research.  Projects based on previous NUCCA collaborative investigation in hypertension and changes in cerebral blood flow following an Atlas correction provide impetus in obtaining funds to continue.  Without funding the research stops.

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