Dear NUCCA Practitioners:
During this time of financial challenge, many of our business sponsors and donors have tightened their giving polices which has had a strong impact on NUCCA’s ability to acquire funding for research and education.  In response, we have created the Small Steps to $uccess ™ campaign to invite you to invite your patients to contribute an extra dollar, five dollars, (or whatever amount they would like to give) in addition to their office visit in support of NUCCA/UCRF research and education. Our goal is to generate $250,000 total revenue from our NUCCA offices throughout Canada and the USA during our
30-day campaign beginning October 15th.
It’s easy for most to say yes to an extra dollar
. You have likely experienced in many retail outlets when paying for your products, a request to contribute an extra dollar to whatever charity for which they might be soliciting funds. In our situation, to make the giving potential even more exciting, NUCCA/UCRF was recently awarded  a $100,000 matching funds pledge by a private foundation in Calgary, Canada. This money has been earmarked for brainstem blood flow studies and we hope our Small Steps to $uccess ™ campaign will allow us to acquire that money to better understand and communicate the effects the NUCCA adjustment has on health and well-being.
The management of this fundraising process within your office can be easy while preventing these donations from being included in your taxable income. The following steps ensure that your bookkeeping system is kept simple as the money is forwarded to UCRF.  If by chance there is someone who would like to contribute more substantially, tax receipts will be made available for donations over $50. Susan Wikler (800/541-7799; will also be available to be of assistance to those who would like to make even more significant contributions.
Step 1.
Train your staff on the intention for the Small Steps to $uccess ™campaign by explaining briefly that NUCCA is need of funding for research and education projects. This is a simple, easy way to collect significant revenue and it is being implemented in all NUCCA offices throughout the USA and Canada for 30 days beginning October 15th. Our goal is $250,000.

Spreadsheets and further directions will be found on the NUCCA website at under the ‘Doctors’ tab.
Brican clients can show a patient education program featuring the Small Steps to $uccess by going to  or  you can also manually find it on by clicking on the navigation in this order support (on the top navigation bar) then downloads.
Step 2
Explain that NUCCA received a $100,000 matching funds pledge and part of this money will go to satisfy that challenge.  Refer patients interested in reading about UCRF research to the website at
Step 3.
Record the amount paid on an accounting sheet that indicates that name, date and contact information for each donation.
Step 4.
Be sure to keep payment receipts to UCRF/ The Ralph R. Gregory Memorial Foundation to offset the income in your books so it does not reflect as taxable practice revenue. Make a WEEKLY payment to UCRF via check sent to:
USA:  NUCCA, 1489 Warm Springs Road, Suite #110, Henderson, Nevada 89014.
Canada, please submit the donations via check to:The Ralph R. Gregory Memorial Foundation, #201-5005 Elbow Dr. S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2S-2T6.  Via Pay Pal: Click “Research” to be directed to Pay Pal. page
5. Optional: We would like to publish our progress on a daily basis, so please report your daily donation totals by email to!
With your help, along with hundreds of thousands of NUCCA patients, we have the opportunity to provide substantial support to further research, education, and an awareness of NUCCA’s profound contribution to health and well-being!

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