There’s been a communication lapse, but we’re back and thrilled to let you know that our Small Steps to Success campaign is going extremely well.  We’re asking our patients to donate $1.00 to research when they step up to pay for their treatments…and this small step is making a HUGE difference.. With all of the NUCCA offices established around the world, we are seeing tremendous results! Dr. Gordon Hasick in Calgary has already generated close to $4,000 in patient donations and it’s only been two weeks! Dr. Robert Brooks and Dr. Jeffrey Scholten are well over the $2,000 mark.  

It doesn’t matter how large or small the donations are, the point is that participating in this campaign brings awareness to patients as well as staff about NUCCA’s groundbreaking research. If you aren’t already on board, everything you need to get started is posted on the NUCCA website at www.nucca.oeg/downlaod.php 

Please join us!  The Time is NOW!!

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