Small Steps Extended to Nov 25th

10 Day Extension!!

New Offices Joining Daily
with Amazing Results! 


Current tally: $23,090!! 


One office already broke thru with more than $5,000!!!
 Help Us Earn $100,000 to Access another $100,000  Matching Funds Gift!!
  Please Join Us!!

Open Until November 25th! 

Look what happened in 24 hours! 

Small Steps to $uccess Participants


Dr. Ala/Dr. Burbidge $40.00
Dr. Larry Arbeitman $216.00
Dr. Jeremy Barone $911.00
Dr. Robert Brooks $2,268.50
Dr. Keith Denton $1,475.00
Dr. M. Dickholtz Jr. $2,289.00
Dr. Stan Dombroski       $70.00
Dr. Tym Flory $5.00
Dr. Michael Foran $300.00
Dr. Robert Goodman $480.00
Dr. Patricia Gregg $904.00
Dr. Gordon Hasick $5,246.00
Dr. Johanna Hoeller $607.00
Dr. Kerry Johnson $800.00
Dr. Bradley Kennedy $374.00
Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter $107.00
Dr. John Kowalczyk $45.00
Dr. Christopher Long $635.00
Dr. Terry McCoskey $774.25
Dr. Thor Mongie $26.00
Dr. Jim Moore $65.00
Dr. Janice Noji $50.00
Drs. Ongaro, Kuhn & Creswell $805.50
Dr. Barbara Read $20.00
Dr. Mikael Reney $132.00
Dr. Bryan Salminen $106.00
Dr. Philip Schalow $224.00
Dr. Jeffrey Scholten $2,789.00
Dr. Deborah Sesker $291.34
Dr. Milton Steele $101.00
Dr. Lee Yardley $834.00
Anonymous $100.00
TOTAL: $23,090.59 
  Where are the rest of you?

Are you having success? We need to hear from you. Let us know how it’s going. The benefits of this program are about more than money. We are raising the awareness of NUCCA care and research,only by asking for $1.00 
Just $1.00 from each patient can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars!  
Our goal is to raise $100,000 in order to activate the matching fund gift from the TAO Foundation in Calgary. But we won’t stop there.  This program has the potential to fund ALL of our research!
There is still time.  Go to the NUCCA website at for everything you need to get started.  There’s even material to print for patient awareness. If you have questions, please contact us at 800/541-5799. 
It’s simple! It’s easy! It works!
Raise awareness in your clinic and money for research!
The Time is Now!
Get Going!

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