Practice Based Research Initiative is Now Active! Please Register to Help.

NUCCA has initiated a practice based research program. You can participate without any extra staff or redundant entering of information. See the full article here.

NUCCA’s Practice Based Research Initiative is now active. This project is co-chaired by Drs. Reney and Scholten and much work has been put into creating a user friendly site for you and your patients so that you can easily participate in clinical research from wherever you are. Start by using this website to source your clinical intake forms and help strengthen our position on NUCCA care while improving an understanding of what happens in NUCCA practices.

This is just Phase 1 of the project and if the NUCCA membership participation is strong, we will be able to take this study into its next phases and likely answer many of the questions you may have had about patient responses to NUCCA. The stronger the number of participants, the stronger case we can make relative to securing future funding as well as increasing the quality of information we will have about the benefits our procedure brings to patient communities. Our world needs NUCCA and your organization needs you to take part in creating the evidence as to why we know that to be true.

Try the site by visiting and choose ’test clinic’. If you use your real name, you will be sent the report that is generated when a patient visits the site and fills out the questionnaire. Please keep in mind that this is a patient oriented site. Each patient will have his/her own user name and password.

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