NUCCA Video Licensing Fee

Update: Originally posted on March 17, 2010, this information is still in effect. Please re-read and check your compliance.

The NUCCA organization is deeply committed to supporting you and your practice.  As part of this commitment, a number of years ago an introduction to NUCCA patient education video was produced in partnership with NUCCA and C-1 Film Productions Corporation.  The video is available through the NUCCA store on DVD for use in your practice. Today however, with the increased utilization of the Internet, it is now more common to have video available on websites.  The Introduction To NUCCA video is currently posted on the NUCCA, UCRF and Gregory Foundation websites.


Use of NUCCA video requires payment of licensing fee.

It has come to our attention that many practitioners have loaded part or all of this video on to their practice websites as an introduction to the NUCCA procedure.  As an organization, we agree it is important to show this information as the video offers a basic understanding and introduction to the NUCCA work.

As with all intellectual property, NUCCA is responsible for managing and licensing the use of this information. As a result, in order to develop further programs and offset the cost of our previous programs, a licensing fee has been introduced for doctors who wish to add the Introduction to NUCCA video to their website.  After consideration and

legal review, a $250.00 one time licensing fee will be charged for the use of this video on any website either in whole or in part.  To pay the licensing fee, a separate item is now available on the NUCCA store portion of the NUCCA website at in the Multimedia section.  If you are using or intend to use the video, we ask that you pay the fee and a certificate will be issued to you authorizing use on your website.  This does not give ownership, but merely enables you to utilize the intellectual property created by the NUCCA organization. This offer is available to active NUCCA members only. All proceeds will be directed to NUCCA to support education and public awareness.

If you have questions regarding the licensing fee or the video please, contact  C-1 Film Productions Corporation at

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