NUCCA Endorses American X-ray Digital Software

American X-ray produces superior digital x-ray equipment and software with excellent support and service including remote software training, support and updates.

American X-ray has been building equipment for NUCCA doctors for more than 30 years. During this time, they have implemented new designs to their equipment, such as the separate headclamp carrier for their L-frames, to meet the specific x-ray needs of NUCCA practitioners.

During the last 3 years, American X-ray has worked with Viztek, a medical imaging software development firm, to develop x-ray analysis software that will enable NUCCA practitioners to completely analyze their x-rays quickly and while meeting NUCCAÕs strict standards. Dr. Justin Brown has worked diligently with their programmers during this time to integrate the NUCCA analysis into the software. Dr. Marshall Dickholtz Jr. and Dr. Michael Zabelin have also worked with American X-ray along with Dr. Brown to fine tune the analysis tools to achieve improved.

American X-ray is excited to bring this level of technology to NUCCA. Many NUCCA doctors are already utilizing this software in their offices. These pioneers have all been more than pleased with the efficiency, accuracy and financial savings they have realized as a result. Dr. Gregory Goffe is an established NUCCA practitioner in Ohio who has integrated a Digital X-ray system from American X-ray into his existing x-ray system. Dr. Goffe says “The Digital X-ray with NUCCA software analysis has decreased the time I spend analyzing x-rays. Now I can spend more time serving our existing patients and working on growing my practice.”

The functionally that Digital X-ray with the NUCCA analysis software provides is unattainable with plain film. Images can be enlarged and viewed on high resolution monitors. Contrast and density can be also be adjusted which virtually eliminates retakes except in the case of positioning. Patient Education and marketing also reach an entirely new level when Digital X-ray is used. Doctors can utilize the software in their report of findings to help patients gain an understanding of their condition and of the care that is being offered. Patients can take home a copy of their x-ray on a CD and share this information with their friends and families.

In addition, NUCCA now has the potential to set up a server system with web based software that will enable doctors to send in their x-rays for certification via the internet. These x-rays can be viewed and graded by Certified NUCCA doctors anywhere in the world who have an internet connection. This server system can also work as a research database collecting data and x-rays at a record pace.

American X-ray is constantly adding new equipment to their product line. They currently offer several different models of CR (Computed Radiography) Readers and DR (Direct Radiography) Panels. As the technology advances, American X-ray will stay on the leading edge in bringing this equipment to NUCCA practitioners. American is also continually updating the software, putting better tools and more efficient methods in the hands of the NUCCA practitioner. American X-ray backs their equipment and software with excellent support and service including remote software training, support and updates.

American X-ray is looking forward to working with NUCCA to advance Upper Cervical care for many years to come!

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