NUCCA Care and Children: Answering Your Questions (Audio)

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Another school year has started in North America, and children are headed back to class.

Part of the “back to school ritual” for many students is the routine physical at their medical doctor’s office. While many parents may think about the health of their child’s lungs, heart, or if they are sick often–they’re immune system–most parents don’t often consider the health of their child’s spine. Or how the health of that spine may be related to the health of their child.

But just like adults, children can face an upper cervical spinal misalignment that impacts their health. A misalignment can happen at birth, tumbling as a toddler, playing sports in middle school, or while putting dent in the family car as a teenager. Wherever kids get knocked down, take a tumble, or are under physical stress the atlas can be affected.

Dr. Robert Brooks of Tulsa, Oklahoma answers all of the common parent questions about NUCCA Chiropractic care and children, including:

  • How old do you have to be to receive NUCCA care?
  • How do misalingments happen?
  • What about children and x-rays?

Click the interview above to listen.

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