Neurology of the Upper Cervical Spine: NUCCA Conference Preview

The amount of information we now hold about neurology has virtually exploded over recent years.

Dr. Heidi Grant

We have learned more about the human nervous system over the past 5 years than over the past 50.

Join Dr. Heidi Grant, MSc(A), DC, DACNB, FACFN in a review of the brain stem, both of its anatomy and neurology. We will also discuss the neurological pathways responsible for the changes seen with blood pressure, and we will explore the clinical relevance to NUCCA, including myths and fallacies.

Neurology is often seen as a heavy subject, but we will use a novel, fun approach to learn neurological principles and have a greater appreciation for how the NUCCA correction impacts the human body. Please bring coloured pencils/pens and paper, and be prepared to draw!

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