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The April NUCCA Conference is the place to cast your vote for critical organizational changes!  Members will be voting on the establishment of new Bylaws which will create a consolidation of the NUCCA Educational Fund and NUCCA (currently an educational and fraternal association).

 The merging of NUCCA and the Educational Fund will benefit our organization in many ways, including:  giving NUCCA a not for profit status for the ability to raise funds as tax deductible contributions, better rates at hotels and venues for our conferences and educational programs, discounts on equipment and supplies, and enhanced alignment with individuals and organizations striving toward the positive evolution of healthcare. (NUCCRA / UCRF has been a not for profit association, but has been strictly for research.) 

 During a planning session in 2008, the Boards of NUCCA, NUCCRA/UCRF, and the NUCCA Educational Fund unanimously agreed (with advice of a professional facilitator, and later the advice and approval of the attorney for our organizations) to repeal our current Bylaws and to adopt new Bylaws for NUCCA for 2010.

 An associated revision to be noted is the selection of the Board of Directors.  Five directors will be elected from the membership and two directors each will be appointed by the Education, Certification, and Research Committees respectively.  This will change the number of Board of Directors for the new NUCCA to eleven from the current nine. The organizational structure will remain essentially the same with the officers being elected each year by the members of the Board of Directors.

 To review the existing and proposed Bylaws, visit the NUCCA website page: 

 In order to cast your vote, your presence at the conference business meeting at 3pm April 21st is mandatory.  Please contact Dr. Robert Brooks with questions or concerns at

 This is your organization! We value your participation!

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