Leg Check Certification Pilot

In order to make a stronger case for funding the Supine Leg Check (SLC) protocol by the NIH, the LCCW Research Dept is conducting  the first SLC Certification Course to streamline teaching points, procedures and assure that the goals of the course are met.  Validation of the SLC provides a screening test for Atlas misalignment that can be used to determine the prevalence of Atlas misalignment in the US population.  Once the prevalence is known further study can be conducted to determine the population of those with a short leg benefiting from NUCCA (upper cervical) care.  Essentially, if a patient is tested and a short leg is noted, a referral to a NUCCA (upper cervical) practitioner is then indicated.  This study is the first step in educating other health professional and the public of an alternative solution that is available.  This may be the missing link in Health Care Reform and no one knows anything about it!
If you are a student at LCCW we need your help, please contact Dr. Kim Khauv, kkhauv@lifewest.edu or Dr. Chuck Woodfield, chuckwoodfield@yahoo.com
Thank you for helping us make history!

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