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 What do I need to know about optimization? 

There’s been a lot of buzz about optimization lately – from bonus deals with 123chiropractors. com to the comprehensive optimization model offered by The Big Idea tailored exclusively to NUCCA doctors.  There are a number of companies out there with packages ranging widely in price.  So how do you know you’re making the best choice? 

There are two key components to understand when you consider buying into optimization companies.  First, you need to know that Internet optimization is a process that effects search engine programming so that the name, product, practice -whatever you’ve identified to market appears as one of the first few names on leading search engines sites such as Google, Yahoo, etc.  

However, if you want to market your practice as more than a chiropractic listing, you need to reflect on ways to get your business noticed as a solution to healthcare concerns and a tool for well-being. This requires taking the optimization process further.  There is a significant difference between a search for a chiropractor in a certain area and a response to queries about healthcare.  In terms of the latter, your website needs to come up in key positions on the previously mentioned search engine pages as a response to a myriad of health care and lifestyle queries. Once it does, your website must be a strong call to action, not just an attractive resource. 

Comprehensive optimization systems are more costly because they offer a wealth of benefits that combine to market your practice as a NUCCA practitioner. Such benefits may include automatic generating of guaranteed leads, providing office back up and management systems that organize communications complete with tutorials and scripts for staff members, automatic email replies including welcome letters, patient forms, online tutorials for potential patients, tracking systems, and more. 

So what you need to evaluate is what you want to market, and to what extent. When you have clarity on that, it’s easy to cultivate results!





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