Dr. Shawn Dill Speaks at Practice Innovation 2011

It’s no secret that practicing in a successful upper cervical practice can be tough. Especially in a practice that is not dependent on third party reimbursement.

Our culture that believes chiropractic care is primarily for low back pain, and views your care as just one more treatment in the allopathic paradigm.  Which means practicing with a consistent vitalistic philosophy is tough as well.

So, what’s the secret to practicing vitalistic upper cervical chiropractic care, while not participating in insurance, and only taking cash payment in advance?

The secret is there is no secret. There is no substitute for hard work, passion, and dedication, with a great system to lean on!

But the upper cervical chiropractor must congruent with the system, and the system must be congruent with the patient’s psychology and upper cervical specific philosophy.

Join Dr. Shawn Dill to learn how to put the congruent systems in place!

Be part of Practice Innovation 2011! This short but powerful event will occur in Newport Beach, California the 4th and 5th of February beginning at 5:30 PM on Friday and concluding by the end of day Saturday. We have an exciting, inspiring line-up of presenters and hope to help fill what we see as a void in the upper cervical community.

Register online today!

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