Dr. Sean Fryer Speaks at Practice Innovation 2011

NUCCA chiropractor Dr. Sean FryerUpper cervical chiropractic care can be incredibly effective at helping your patients leave the symptomatic stage of care.

But that means you may struggle with patients who receive super-fast symptomatic relief and then leave your practice well before they understand Chiropractic and Wellness…

With Wellness is Simple, Dr. Fryer will teach you how to position yourself not only as an expert of Upper Cervical Corrections, but also as a resource for wellness education that your patients cannot and do not want to live without.

When you graduate from Chiropractic College, Dr. Fryer believes you are: a Doctor first – a lifelong student and teacher of true health and wellness, a Chiropractor second – upholding the foundation of philosophy and the principles that DD, BJ, Stephenson and many others

laid down for you and your patients, and an upper cervical chiropractor third-an expert at the upper cervical correction constantly striving to correct the devastating effects of the ASC.

Do you have patients for whom upper cervical corrections are not enough to get completely well and symptom free and yet they have nowhere else to turn to achieve the wellness that they deserve?

In this action packed hour, learn how you can become THE wellness resource for your patients without compromising your focus on the ASC. Receive a special gift that you can turn into increased revenue, patient compliance, and above all else clinical results.

Be part of Practice Innovation 2011! This short but powerful event will occur in Newport Beach, California the 4th and 5th of February beginning at 5:30 PM on Friday and concluding by the end of day Saturday. We have an exciting, inspiring line-up of presenters and hope to help fill what we see as a void in the upper cervical community.

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