Dr. Robert Brooks on the Small Steps

To my fellow NUCCA Doctors:

After getting off to a slow start with the small steps program (not to mention overcoming the humility it takes to ask for money), this week has been a complete turn around in patient donations.  Monday one of my patients suggested that I was “passing the hat” just like she does for several of her charities.  I thought:  “I can pass the hat.”  somehow it seems different than asking for donations.

After several days of donations barely reaching $100, Monday came in at $170.  Better!  But not great!  Tuesday’s tally was $377, yeah, I can live with that.  Thursday’s tally was $810, now I am blown away.  I am either getting better at “passing the hat” or more comfortable with the way I am presenting the opportunity to contribute to our research.

Here is what I am saying to my patients:  “I am a bit uncomfortable asking for money for research, but I must pass the hat.  There are only a few doctors using the same procedure (NUCCA) to correct your spine in all of the world.  We have a research agenda for about $2 1/2 million and the NIH has offered to fund some of our research when we complete three initial projects.  The TAO Foundation in Calgary, Canada is offering us a $100,000 matching grant.  Doctors using the NUCCA procedure all over North America are asking patients to help us match the grant.  This will allow us to double your contribution.  All contributions above $50 will receive a tax deductible receipt.  Support this if it calls to you,  help us help others the way you have been helped, and if you don’t give anything, that’s OK too.  When you check out at the front desk today you will be asked to make a contribution.”

That’s it!  Patients are stepping up happy to support our research, eager to help us.  I trust that you will find this useful and that your efforts are hugely successful.  I would love to hear other success stories.

For the benefit of humanity,

Robert Brooks

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