Dr. Lee Yardley Speaks at Practice Innovation 2011

Practicing with zero third party management, including Medicare. Can it be done?

Is practice what you thought it would be?

  • Is your record keeping focused on providing quality care, or treading through a minefield designed to reduce or eliminate payment for services you have provided in good faith?
  • Are you selecting codes not based on what you’ve done, but what will provide maximal reimbursement to the patient?
  • Are you only getting paid a portion of what you should because of third party payment fee schedules?
  • Is your record keeping based on disease and symptom treatment rather than being health care focused?
  • Are offering super bills that still leave you vulnerable to post payment audits, even if you’re not submitting for the patient?

Dr. Lee YardleyDr. Lee Yardley presents options for practicing upper cervical chiropractic in a high volume practice, without super bills, PI, work-comp, insurance, or even Medicare.

Learn how to exit the practice of medical care by a chiropractor, and simply practice chiropractic.

Register for Practice Innovation 2011, and do it by December 31, 2010.

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