Dr. Clum Discusses Benefits of Chiropractic & NUCCA

    Lifestyle Changes - The New Wonder Drug! Talk radio seems to be more popular than ever these days and with good reason…it’s great access to information from multiple sources…especially when it comes to health care.  Last week, Dr. Gerry Clum, long time President of Life Chiropractic College West, was a guest on Health Radio hosted by Derrick DeSilva,  MD.   During this two part interview, Dr. Clum discusses the many benefits of chiropractic as well as the NUCCA procedure and the hypertension study. 

To hear the interview click this link  http://healthradio.net/show/ask-dr-desilva/Health-Radio-Shows/Ask-Dr-2E-DeSilva/Lifestyle-Changes-%252D-The-New-Wonder-Drug!-40676/details

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