Diplomat in Upper Cervical Chiropractic

There is ongoing progress in the development of the Diplomat program as the curriculum is being forged by representatives of both the orthogonal and articular upper cervical procedures.  With the progress being made it appears that the program may be launched by the end of 2010.

 Dr Lee Yardley led the committee for the development of the orthogonal curriculum and has been working with Dr. Bo Rochester and Dr. Larry Arbietman representing the Orthospinology and Advances Orthospinology groups.

 The newly formed Council for Upper Cervical Care is a membership organization and it is not necessary to belong to the International Chiropractors Association to be a member of the Council.  Annual dues are $150 and represent support for the creation of the diplomat program.

 This program will give anyone interested a way to understand the various theories and approaches to the upper cervical spine and may ultimately provide insights for the improvement of all of our approaches.

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