Back to School Physicals Should Include a Chiropractic Visit

24 different vertebrae stacked like chairs. Joints that glide and rotate. Trillions of nerve fibers. Doesn’t your child’s spine deserve as much attention as her ears?

It’s physical time. That means kids everywhere are having physicians look in their throats, their ears, and listening to their hearts.

But when was the last time a doctor examined your child’s posture? Or assessed the health of his spine? If all she’s gotten is the “once over” check for spinal scoliosis, then maybe it’s time for her to get checked again.

While children don’t typically have the same kinds of back pain as adults, they still have the same hectic schedules, carry the same loads, and sit for hours in the same desks and chairs, and put their bodies through the same rigorous sports.

And that can mean adult like problems, like headaches, neck pains, and breathing problems. Problems that can originate in troubled spinal alignment.

It’s physical time. After the doctor looks in your daughter’s ears, and checks your son’s lungs, why don’t you head on over to your NUCCA doctor and make sure his or her spine is okay too.

You may find those adult troubles go away–as easy as 1,2,3. And that will help him be a kid again.

Contributed by Dr. Zachary Ward.

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